I illustrated this story that my wife wrote. She just had the prompt "Maureen was not the kind of girl you'd want to marry" and this is what she came up with. Probably hard to read on the poster itself so here it is too;

After another exhausting day at work, Steve was looking forward to the nice dinner his wife promised him. Walking through the door, he was instead greeted with a blast of thick grey smoke—so thick it vaguely muffled the scream of the fire detector. He slapped his hands over his ears, then moved one hand down his face to cover his nose with his sleeve. His much anticipated dinner was clearly burning.

Scrambling into the kitchen, Steve ripped open the oven door, nearly forgetting to grab oven mitts before pulling the charred… casserole? Is that a casserole? off the rack.

Crisis averted. Again.

Steve moved room to room, opening every window as far as it could go to clear out the smoke.

Thankful she hadn’t started an actual fire this time, Steve allowed his breathing to calm, then let out a disappointed sigh as he spotted his wife somehow sleeping soundly on the couch, the TV volume on full blast.

Gently pulling the tipped wine glass from her grip, Steve thanked his lucky stars he opted for laminate rather than carpet. Holding one hand in front of her mouth to ensure she was still breathing, the other hand rubbing at his temple, he was having a harder and harder time pushing his mother’s repeated warning out of his head:

“Maureen was not the kind of girl you’d want to marry.”

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